Cyberspace completo a descargar

¿Quién no querría jugar a cyberpunk sepultado en un mar de tablas? Sí, Rolemaster también se enfundó la chaqueta de sintecuero y se puso gafas de espejo, aquí os podéis descargar las pruebas.

Podéis descargaros todo (pero todo, todo y todo, gracias a nuestro hacker Oscar Castellanos) desde aquí:!S09wlZBa!BwTUYSdOdni5UKK-Aj7f9A




El Sprawl (San Francisco) 2090

La ciudad está en guerra consigo misma. La rivalidad se extiende a través de las calles sucias, dormitorios, salas de juntas, y de la irreal matriz de ordenador del Ciberespacio. Para algunos, la victoria es una ganancia intangible en una gran lucha por el poder. Para otros, es simplemente la supervivencia.

Cyberspace es un juego de rol completo ambientado en el corrupto, sucio, de alta tecnología de la Tierra del año 2090; dónde la represión megacorporativa se encuentra con las guerras callejeras del Sprawl. Punks con implantes musculares y Netheads se arrastran desde las alcantarillas de los canalones para reciclarse en Estrellas de los Medios de Comunicación y Ciber-Mercenarios en un conflicto que está más allá de los límites del bien y del mal. Desde las depravadas ciudades contaminadas, a la belleza surrealista de la matriz informática global, este es el mundo de Cyberspace.

Cyberspace contiene un sistema de juego adaptado a una ambientación mundial, reglas de combate, y todo lo necesario para crear un variado elenco de personajes. El sistemas de desarrollo de jugadores te ayuda creando mejoras cibernéticas, implantes de computadora, y todas las “mejoras” personales un personaje pueda desear. Una intrahistoria y descripción del mundo de Cyberspace lleva al juego a una vida completamente degenerado. Una aventura que te flasheará la mente finaliza la introducción a Cyberspace. Vive el futuro sorprendente!


* Un sistema de juego completo

* Reglas para viajes, combate y espionaje en los mundos etéreo y real de Cyberspace.

* Las más detalladas y extensas reglas sobre cibernética disponibles

* Una asediada San Francisco de 2090, una oscura esquina de una ambientación mundial.

* Toneladas de equipo!

* Totalmente compatible con Space Master de ICE!.



Sprawlgangs & Megacorps

An Organizations sourcebook for Cyber Space.

Sprawlgangs & Megacorps

Glittering spires capped with entrancing video panels crown a golden-red, twilight horizon of empty promise.
The Megacorp skyline rests in hovering tranquility above a seething gray mass of sludge and destitute humanity. Here, the Sprawl’s periphery bears witness to the ultimate juxtaposition in human society: armed street scum interspersed with calculating corporate suits. Welcome to the territory of Sprawlgangs and Megacorps. Beware — the currency of exchange here isn’t just World Dollars… it could be your life.

This Cyberspace Sourcebook provides GMs and players with invaluable information on some of the Sprawl’s most deadly inhabitants: gangmembers and corporate entities alike. Inside. you’ll find statistics and background data on the following:

• 20 Sprawlgangs: Ruthless bands of street people who challenge authority — not with the tact of boardroom maneuvering, but with brute force and animal cunning.
• 16 Megacorps: An international listing — these global powers control vast and irresistable resources. In-depth analyses of current assets and operations are provided.
• 5 Organizations: A selection of powers that fall into the slim gray area between the haves and the have-nots.
• 7 Personalities: An offering of Patron, Neutral, and Hostile NPCs that may be added to any campaign.



Rank sewage oozes through the gutters of dark but familiar alleyways, while insect-zapping neon reflects from stagnant pools of oil-slick filth.
Assaulted by the cloying, sour battery of smells, you know you’re home on the streets of civilization’s penultimate nightmare: the Sprawl. But home means safety — a relative term after all — and a base of operations once the sun slips away. From these lonesome and destitute beginnings, legends are born. And it’s time you started working on yours, sprawlkid.

Cyper Space

Cyberventure Mission File #1
(Edge-on), 1 feeling which overtakes a person in imminent mortal danger;
2 rush of fear & excitement brought on by the activation of an Adrenal Booster.
— The Random House Electronic Dictionary
2089 Edition

This Cyberventure Mission File provides all you need to run four complete Cyberspace”‘ adventures ranging from the Pacific Sprawl, to an off-shore drilling platform, to the Amazon rainforest. You’ll find sample player characters with full equipment listings, mission briefings, Gamemaster information, NPC dossiers, and all the schematics you’ll need for each of the following scenarios:
• Network 69 Takes the Fall: Channel 32 needs their competitor’s new fall program line-up, and the players need 32’s cash.
• Ward, I’m Worried…: Players prowl the streets of San Fransisco, searching for a renowned Computer Technician — and his kidnappers.
• Safety Violations: Okira plans a hit on New Edison, and it’s the players who wind up holding the bag… of explosives, that is.
• Unscheduled Layover: A trip to Rio leads to unforeseen danger and intrigue in the depths of South America.


Death Valley Free Prison

A Campaign Sourcebook for Cyber Space.

Death Valley Free Prison
Another silent, savage dawn breaks over the Mojave Desert and its inhabitants — the greatest concentration of abhorrent criminal slime on the face of the earth.

As the sun rises, the road becomes a 140° sun-baked inferno. A sand-parched wind howls through the open window of your straining interceptor coupe. The fuel gauge flirts with “E” and your water cans clatter empty in the back seat. Time for a little resupply — who will today’s victim be?

The Death Valley Free Prison [DVFP) encompasses over 4000 square miles of hell-on-earth. Within its borders dwell half a million depraved Gangmembers, battlescarred Mercenaries, renegade Netheads, demented Road Warriors, psychopathic Felons, and other assorted social rejects. It’s easy to get in, but just try to escape.
This sourcebook provides you with the following:
• A 17″ x 22″ two-sided full color map of the DVFP and surrounding environs.
• A wealth of source material on the most dangerous, unforgiving prison on earth.
• Numerous layouts, NPCs, and organizations working within the DVFP.
• An extensive new equipment listing.
• A complete introductory adventure in the Death Valley Free Prison.



Character- Compendium #1 for Cyber Space

Another pained and congested Sprawlzone stretches away before you in a hazy afternoon wash.
Skimming over shantytown rooftops, you notice that the writhing streets and alleys below are plugged with faceless men and women wandering about in an eternal, pointless exercise. But not all can be tagged as anonymous vagrants. A fortunate few rise above the others. Determined. Individualistic. Unique. Reflex boosted with Grade A wetware and stuffed full of themselves, these are the CyberRogues. Make way, or take them down.
This Cyberspace Character Compendium provides GMs with a number of new and nasty NPCs, ready to be dropped into any campaign. And because each personality is provided with his or her full game statistics, background and equipment listings, players may use these characters as PCs for one-shot adventures or extended gaming sessions.
An artist’s rendering depicts each CyberRogue — 16 of them in Full Color!
CyberRogues contains 30 characters with the following features:
• Personal Data: Looks, demeanor, attitude, equipment, historical background and current undertakings are provided in clear, concise text.
• Stats & Specs: Each character is rendered down to his or her game statistics, modifiers, combat specs and more.
• Skills: Important skills and languages are all listed with their corresponding bonuses.


The Body Bank

Character Compendium #2 for Cyber Space
The Body Bank

Metal-crunching chords of Hard Copy cybermusic grind through the thrash-hall crowd of bongs and sprawlkids.
At times both perverse and lackadaisical, the members of Philanthropic Epitaph plow through their mind-bending set of Hard Copy psycha-rock. At the back of the club, four members of The Cat House, a San Francisco subterfuge team, plot their next corporate strike. Winding their way through the throng of gyrating dancers are a host of other noteworthy personalities. Today the actions of these people span the
sewer lines and the conference rooms, but they’ll all wind up in, the Body Bank. Someday.
This Cyberspace Character Compendium provides YOU with number of down and dirty NPCs, ready to be tossed into any cyber campaign.

An artist’s rendering depicts each personality in The Body Bank — 16 of them in Full Color!

The Body Bank contains 27 characters with the following features:
• Personal Data: Looks, demeanor, background and undertakings are provided in concise text.
• Stats & Specs: Each character is given his or her game statistics, modifiers, combat specs and more.
• Groups: Two organizations are examined in The Body Bank: Philanthropic Epitaph and The Cat House.


Death Game 2090

If the Sprawl had a heart, its blood would flow through the doors of the Uniqorn Qlub.
Everyone who is anyone eventually makes their way here; to score a deal or make a connection. It’s built on a foundation of electric tension and deep within is a mixture of adrenalin and sweat, lust and death, great vibrations and sour whiskey. The Uniqorn Qlub is a place where great adventures begin, and this one starts with the latest in ActiStim technology: it is the Death Game 2090. Stimmers Beware!
Cyber Space Cyberventure Mission File #2
Death Game 2090
This Cyberventure Mission File provides all you need to run a set of linked adventures using the Cyberspace’ game system. You’ll find sample player characters along with an array of stimspace characters for use in the Death Game. Each adventure section also provides the Gamemaster with background, NPC dossiers, and all the schematics you’ll need for each of the following linked scenarios:

• Uniqorn Qlub: Here players are thrust into their roles as heroic characters in the realm of Stimspace.
• Stimtesters: Will the players be recruited by Stimular Enterprises, the leader in ActiStim technology?
• Back to Reality: What will the players think of their exposure to the next generation of ActiStim games?
• Endgame: The players have been taken advantage of. Now it’s payback time in the Death Game.



Shards of glass and metal spin away from the vid-phone booth as hundreds of exploding rounds are pumped into it by black- and silver-clad bikers.
The interior of the nightclub is quickly transformed into a volcanic nightmare as the sound of the bikers’ detonating ammunition drowns out the club’s already ear-splitting musical onslaught. Patrons, garbed in psychedelic fashions, rush the exit:;. But they’re too late. A firefight erupts throughout the building, splattering dancers, drinkers, bodyguards and bikers across the club’s walls and tables.
It’ll be another high body-count night in the Sprawl
Cyber Space Cyberventure Mission File #3
This Cyberventure Mission File provides you with four linked
adventures forming an extended cyber campaign. Starting off with a tough knock-off job in San Francisco, characters are swept into a series of adventures which take them from Berlin to Bombay. Several NPCs and organizations which debuted in previous Cyberspace’ products
find their way into the pages of Cyberskelter. Each Cyberskelter
adventure provides you with adventure background, NPCs and all the schematics you’ll need to run the following scenarios:
• Cooking With Fats: Arnold Futzmann, the Sprawl’s most notorious slave trader, is about to get his comeupance.
• Berlin Tear Down: The Sprawl’s premiere Kick Cut Cage Boxer needs a package picked up, but a group of United Nations enforcers takes exception.
• The Twitch: What do the characters want with a $20 million shipment of Neurological Activity Controllers? Too much for their own good.
• Izabella: The streets of Bombay are no place to start looking for trouble, which is probably why the characters find themselves there.


Chicago Arcology


Chicago Arcology

A sickly yellow-brown haze smothers the south-western coastline of Lake Michigan. Radioactive sludge washes up on Chicago’s shore, while heartland waifs infest its labyrinthine buildings. Wake-up, sprawlkid, another day on the streets awaits.
In 2090, the third largest Sprawlzone in the United States is
centered on the urban megopolis of Chicago. At the heart of this
depraved hive of crime and decay rises an enduring temple to
Megacorporate power: New Edison’s Chicago Arcology. It forms a completely self-contained and safe environnment for Chicago’s New
Edison employees and their families.
Outside, street gangs and urban homeless crowd the gutter districts. Here they breed enmity and contempt for Megacorp suits and Arcology dwellers alike. When the two cultures collide, violent fits of rampaging destruction result, so be warned.
This source book provides you with the following:
• A 17″ x 22″ full color map of the Chicago Sprawl.
• A wealth of source material on this huge Sprawlzone.
• Numerous layouts, NPCs, and organizations centered in New Edison’s Chicago Arcology project.
• A level-by-level description of the Arcology Mall.
• Three complete scenarios introducing players to the Chicago Arcology.


Cyber Europe

In a cramped, dingy office, your contact mutters Corsican slang as he thumbs through the ragged wad of World Dollars. Its a neat little deal, designed to knock you in tight with the Sicilian underworld. Who knows? In a few weeks, you might finally make it into the

Vatican. Anywhere would be better than this off-continent, cockroach-infested rat hole. As the foreigner stuffs your bills into his shirt pocket, you hear a crash in the next room. There’s a flash of brilliant light. Automatic weapons fire. “Sturmjesuit!” the foreigner curses, “Get out!” Forget the Vatican, buddy, you’ll be lucky to make the street five stories down.

The year is 2090, and the place is the Federal State of Europe. Thirty-six countries, from Iceland to Georgia, have been blended into a caustic, volatile melting pot. Governed by aristocrats, who are in turn ruled by executive slime, the European Community exists at the edge of depravity and despotism. Dare you cross its war-torn borders?
In Cyber Europe, you can unlock the secrets of the Vatican’s anti-terrorist force, get thrown into a Kriminalbezirk, join Sondergruppe 9, fight the deadly Kampfmaschine, and run into blood-thirsty members of the Neuhitlerjugend.
Cyber Europe culminates with an intriguing adventure which sets players on a quest to recover the holy Christian artifact, the Spear of Destiny.
This sourcebook provides you with the following:
• A 17″ x 22″ full color map of Europe in 2090.
• A wealth of source material on the European
Community and its strong-willed neighbors.
• Numerous NPCs and organizations deeply rooted in
the mystique and history of this great continent.
• Information on warfare, law enforcement, and
• A complete adventure which sends players from the cultural heart of Cyber Europe to the frozen waters off Norway in an epic quest.



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